William Pitcher College


College Facilities and Services

The College facilities include the following - you can click on the facility or service to read more.


The institution has acute shortage of student accommodation. First year students who do not get accommodation on campus are encouraged to seek for alternative accommodation outside the campus.

Laundry Facility

Ironoing and washing services are provided to all students for only college linen.

Dining Hall

The college provides meals for students which are served in the dinning hall.

Medical Services

In cases of medical emergencies the students are taken to Releigh Fitkin Memorial (RFM) hospital. A guardian or parent would be expected to take charge thereafter.

Internet Services

The College has Wi-Fi enabled zones. Only fully registered students have access to Wi-Fi. Students may use the computer lab or the library to access internet.

Library Services

Books in the service are for both lecturers and students. Only registered members may borrow out for a period of 14 days but everyone is free to read books in the library.

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