William Pitcher College

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Our Visoin

To be a leading regional tertiary education institution through teaching, research and community service.

Our Mission

A leading educational institution providing access to quality, relevant, affordable, pre-service, in-service, partt-time/distance, undergraduate and graduate learning experiences through teaching, research and innovation; engage community partnership responding to opportunities and demands to advance excellence, diversity, equity, quality of life nationally, regionally and internationally.

Historical Background

William Pitcher College developed from the Government Teacher Training Centre which was established in 1953 and shared the same premises with the Swazi National School in Matsapha. In 1958, a desire for a bigger teacher training institution resulted in the relocation of the training centre to Manzini. In August 1962, a Teacher Training College was officially opened in Manzini by Sir John Maud C.C.B., C.B.E. in the present William Pitcher College location. In October 1963, the college was renamed William Pitcher College in honor and memory of the late William Pitcher ESQ, OBE, who was the director of education from 1951 to 1962. 

 Initially, the College offered T4 (Primary Lower) and T3 (Primary Higher) programmes. After the country's national Independence in 1968, there was a dire need for Secondary School education, hence the establishment of new public schools and expansion of already operating ones. To cater for the demand of teachers, a two year Secondary Teachers'Certificate (STC) programme began in 1970 while the T4 and T3 programmes were revised and replaced with the two years Primary Teachers Certificate (PTC) sprogramme. In 1986, the Primary and Secondary Teachers Certificate programmes were phased out and replaced with three (3) year Diploma programmes. 

In 1975, the College had started offering a one-year In Service Home Economics Course for serving Primary School Teachers. However, this programme was phased out in 2005 since the Home Economics component was already part of the Primary Teachers Diploma programme. In the 1980's the country experienced a shortage of Junior Secondary School teachers hence the need to train more Secondary School Teachers. The Primary TEachers Diploma programme (PTD) was then phased out in order to increase intake for the Secondary Teachers Diploma programme. The last crop of the Primary Teachers Diploma completed in November 1993. Thereafter, the college concentrated in training secondary school teachers. PTD was re-introduced in 2009 since the country needed more primary school teachers due to the introduction of Free Primary Education. Currently, the college offers two programmes; Primary and Secondary Teachers'Diploma. However, with effect from 2020/2021 academic year, the college will discontinue offering the Primary Teachers'Diploma programme, whereas they are necessary. Hence, with effect from 2020/2021 academic year, the college will be only accepting candidates for the Secondary Teachers' Diploma programme.

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